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Historic Charleston - Below The Crosstown (Septima Clark Expwy) Life Below Line Street

Steeped in History and Steeples

Charleston is renowned for its history in both the American Revolution & The War between The States or more commonly known in the South as The War of Northern Aggression. Charleston has come along away in the past fifty years.

As a Peninsula city, Charleston SC is situated between the Wando River to the North, The Ashley River to the West and The Charleston Harbor to the South. Water is and continues to be its legacy.

Being a deep water port city it was frequented by pirates, traders and slave ships. As a strategic port for passing war ships and it is surrounded by many “batteries” where once stood seaward pointed cannons.

Great Books have been written, tales told and lives lost through the years in Charleston.

The opera Porgy and Bess is set in the fictional neighborhood of Catfish Row, South Carolina. Inspired by The Gullah of the area the production gained wide acceptance throughout the world.

The prolific writer, native Pat Conroy, wrote many books based on his own life growing up in Charleston. One of the more popular is South of Broad.

Unfortunately, tragedy is woven into the fabric of the city. The Emanuel Church Massacre in 2015 brought the city to its knees. People of all generations, races and creeds came together to denounce and heal the open wound of racism. This to me is what endears me to Charleston. The People.

Come enjoy The Gaillard Auditorium. Stroll through White Point Garden at The Battery on the Charleston Harbor.

Visit the museums, the original homes which sat behind the fortified walls of Charleston, Walk through the shopping districts on King Street , Restaurant Row on East Bay street or enjoy an adult beverage at one of the many pubs downtown.

If you’re a foodie..that’s another entire article.