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New Home Builder Search for Charleston, Berkeley & Dorchester Counties SC

Don’t go it alone, bring one of us with you.

New Home builders count on the fact that most home shoppers believe they’re getting a deal if they don’t have an agent with them. This is totally not true. You need representation. The builders site agent is there for one reason, to make the most amount of profit for the builder. It’s their job.

Artubus Development N. Charleston $269,000

As a representative for the buyer we ensure you’re treated fairly. We know what to look for in builder contracts and how to handle situations that could ultimately cost you thousands of dollars in fees.

Abby Walk Way Lane Moncks Corner $398,490

No two builders are alike. Some builders include everything you see in the model. Others have a beautiful model, while most of the items in that model are “unavailable” when it’s time to build your home. We know what to look for when building a new home. This means you are assured of getting what you paid for.

Duplex – McClellan Way, Summerville SC $282,856

When you are represented by us we’re going to help do the research on the community. Many times newer developments have beautiful views of tress, ponds or unobstructed views. The site agent will tell you they have no idea what’s going there or that its “natural” area. We’re going to do everything we can to ensure you go into your purchase with your eyes wide open and aware of what you’re buying.

Berry Patch Circle, Summerville SC $314,900

Every new home needs a series of independent inspections. Some new home builders, especially those building large neighborhoods quickly, will cut corners on everything from materials to workmanship. Just like new cars , new homes can have mistakes. To minimize this happening and from spoiling what should be a great momententous event in your life we recommend inspections at certain phases of construction. The builders aren’t too keen on this, but it does keep them on their toes knowing someone else is keeping track of the build.

Point Hope, Wando SC $880,247

Whether buying a $250K home or a $880K you’ll want to be represented. Our fees are normally included in the price of the home and we’ll be compensated at closing.

If you do happen to drop in a new home site, when they ask you if you’re represented say yes, and give them our name

Greg Flanagan


Don’t Go It Alone, Hire Us to be your fiduciary guide during your new home search.