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Annual Red Day (Renew, Energize, Donate) at Charleston Youth Development Center

We are Growing in The Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Summerville Areas,

We are looking for Real Estate Agents looking to take their business to the next level by leveraging the resources of a team.

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How Much Further Ahead would you be in your career if you were being mentored?

WII.FMWhat’s In It For Me

The most listened to radio station in any agents mind is Wii.FM . What’s In It For Me? Our team concept works best for those agents in the messy middle. You’ve had a few sales over the past few years, you want to do better, yet you just can’t get ahead of the mound of paperwork, getting a website that works or maybe you don’t have a system for following up the leads you do get.

Working with us you’ll have all that and much more. We want you to be successful and will help you get there.

But I don’t want to share my commission!

This is probably the most common objection we come across. The answer is simply, you’re going to pay one way or the other if you’re successful as a single agent. Many successful single agents net about 25-30% of their gross commission income (GCI) at the end of the year. Our agents regularly net 45-53% of the GCI that is generated by the team and their personal deals.

Our system is set up to help you close more deals than you did last year. If your goal is to survive or maintain your present level of sales activity, than a team is probably not for you.

On the hand if you’re looking to build your business while growing both personally and professionally, you need to make a confidential appointment to look into team. clickhere

As an team member you’ll be provided with great education, mentoring , admin assistance and award winning software. What this means is you’ll be ready to hit the ground running to add more units closed and additional commissions.

What Else Can I Expect ?

  • Keep your Identity
    • All your sales are reported under your name in MLS
  • Keep Your Unit & Volume numbers on MLS
    • We’ll report sales and volume under your MLS ID
  • Industry Leading Database & Lead Generation tools
    • We keep up with the technology so you don’t have to.
  • Personal Website with IDX
    • Your own website [FIRSTNAME] allows you to drive lead traffic specifically to your inbox.
  • Mentoring from Experienced Agent
    • No waiting for a broker to call you back. Answers within moments instead of days. Help with negotiation strategies, contract interpretation and sales conversations. Helps you close more deals.
  • Best in the industry training on sales
    • Training on Sales Conversations that will help you close more deals

Team Values

Annual Client Appreciation Day at The Riverdogs


When Was The Last Time You Worked With A Group of People You Liked?

Our team members are committed to their goals. As a team member they have the responsibility of doing the work to achieve their desired production numbers.

We as a team are there to hold each other accountable to that goal. We work as a unit. Your goal is my goal, what can i do to help you achieve your goal?

Family is always first for our team. The most important sector of our lives is family. We understand that and have strategies to help you understand how you can be successful and still fully participate in daily family activities.

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Like minded people working together to provide a better life for ourselves and those we serve.

What’s My Next Step?

Your next step is to have an exploratory conversation to see if a team is the right choice for you. Click here to set up a quick call

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to get back to you with any specific information you feel you would need to make an informed decision. We Are Different…