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For Sale By Owner Proposal

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Charleston , Summerville , Moncks Corner SC 

We Love FSBO’s here at Why? Because of your entrepreneurial spirit and for having the guts to strike out on your own into what many consider a complicated and time consuming endeavor. 

I love FSBO’s so much I am willing to help you anyway I can.

 Why? Well, to begin with it is first on my list of core values, 

To live by the Get by Giving Philosophy ”. 

By helping you get what you need, ie..the sale of your home, you in turn may refer me to a friend or relative who does prefer a Realtor handle their sale. I want to earn your trust. Too many folks these days seem to forget that step. 

Non-Registration FSBO Listing

If a FSBO wishes, I will post your listing on my site, w/photos. All you need to do is shoot me an email and I will contact you. Be ready to Send at least two photos and all the pertinent information.

Folks, unlike the other sites that are offering Free FSBO listings, I’m not trying to grab your address, or phone number to sell to someone else. This is between you and me. 

Honestly…I have a hard time finding half my contact information anyway. That said, be assured it goes no further than here. 

A comment on photos….Don’t take a picture of the bed! Take the picture of the room from a corner or a doorway. Stand by the door, get on a chair if you need to, shoot the entire room. 

People don’t care what kind of bed you have, they want to see if their furniture will fit in the room. Same goes for the rest of the house. Wide angle shots showing space, not close ups of your prized possessions. 

Move the car out of the driveway or garage before taking the photo. 

Don’t get the neighbors house in the shot. The backyard, shoot towards your house, preferably from the first story down. 

Declutter your counter space. Put or throw away all the paper and bills on the counter. Put appliances in cabinets or in the garage.  

If you have any questions, need forms or just need some free advice please contact us at

 I promise to answer your question without asking for your listing. Now if you want me to list your house I won’t say no…

Brilliant Idea #2

I was thinking (stop laughing!) How can I help the For Sale By Owners get their properties to be seen by more buyers while still letting them have the opportunity to sell it themselves and save the commission money? LIGHT BULB!

I just answered my own question! 

You see, many of you are already allowing 3% for a buyer’s agent to show and bring you a buyer. So, you’re saving the other three percent by selling the house yourself. I’m proposing we do simply the same thing with a slight twist. 

I will market your home full bore, MLS, multiple websites, agent direct emails, top producer emails, direct mail pieces, exclusive neighbor only open houses, signage, flyers, open houses, the whole thing and if you bring the buyer to the table I’ll only accept half the listing commission.

You can still market the house in all the publications and websites you are using now, all the pricing and terms need to be the same though and we need to agree the only sign on the property is mine. 

All Realtor inquiries must be directed to

If you find a buyer that’s unrepresented let me know immediately. 

You show them the house, agree on the price and call me. I’ll pre-qualify them, write up the contract, get the earnest money check, help figure how much cash you’ll have left after the sale and follow through with all the inspections and deadlines. 

Who brought the buyer? 

If the buyer was shown the property by a real estate agent or Realtor during the listing period or when the buyer has signed a buyer’s agent agreement with a Realtor (ask that question before you show them the house) 

Any unrepresented buyer is brought to the table by either party, they make an offer and subsequently agrees to terms , I’ll only accept half the commission agreed upon.   

Pretty simple? What do you think? I think it’s a fair deal. Please let me know, I might be way off base. 



Founder/CEO of

Please fill out the attached form & we will get back to you with 1 business day.